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Breast reduction surgery cost Turkey, Perhaps you cannot find outfits because of big breasts. Perhaps this burden causes you back and shoulder pain. Or rashes occur under your breasts. Or even your sexual life is negatively affected by big breasts. Most importantly, you do not like them on your own body.

Breast Reduction Turkey Cost

Breast reduction turkey cost 3000 dollars. The price includes everything. The fee is valid for 2023. The price includes accommodation, airport pick-up, transfer, corset and hospital fee. You do not need to pay a deposit before the operation. Discounts are made when performed with other surgeries. No hidden payments.

Procedure – Aftercare

City Istanbul – Turkey
Duration 3 – 4 Hour
Location Hospital
Anesthesia General
Length of stay in hospital 1 or 2 Night
Length of stay in Turkey 4 days
Pain and Discomfort Partially – Treated with painkillers
Returning to Work 1 – 2 weeks
Side Effect Temporary swelling, soreness, discomfort, nipple sensitivity, numbness, bruising
Full Recovery 1 Month
Exercise – Cardio 30 Days (light)
Scars yes, almost Invisible
Minimum Age 18
Persistence of Results Yes

Breast Reduction Turkey Prices

All Inclusive Package

3000Prices starting from
  • Boob reduction
  • Corset
  • Assistant Interpreter
  • A Class Hospital
  • Private Airport Transfers (Roundtrip)
  • Local VIP Transfer
  • 4 Nights Hotel

Breast Reduction in Turkey Reviews

What is a breast reduction and when is it useful?

In surgical breast reduction (reduction mammaplasty), the excess skin, fat and glandular tissue in the lower breast area is removed and the breasts are reshaped. Breast reduction is often combined with a lift. In principle, the procedure can be performed at any age, provided that growth is complete and the breast is fully developed. However, experts advise that a breast reduction should only be carried out after pregnancy, as an impairment of the ability to breastfeed cannot be completely ruled out.

If an overall too high proportion of body fat is responsible for the high breast volume, a natural breast reduction without surgery can also be achieved to a small extent by losing weight, changing your diet and exercising. The fat content in the breast tissue is thereby reduced and the breast loses volume and weight; the resulting excess skin can be removed by tightening if necessary. If weight loss is not enough, additional liposuction can also contribute to breast reduction, especially if the breasts are very wide. Even with asymmetrical breasts, a light liposuction can help to reduce the size of the larger breast.

What are the reasons for a breast reduction?

If a woman’s breasts appear subjectively or objectively too large in relation to her height or physique, those affected often complain of a variety of complaints. The focus is on the one hand physical and on the other hand mental stress.

Physical reasons : back pain, chest pain and neck pain If the breasts are too big and/or too heavy, women often suffer from persistent back pain, which often requires the regular use of painkillers. Neck and the breasts themselves are also often affected by pain. Since a large breast can weigh up to 2 kilograms per breast, this also puts a lot of strain on the spine.

Postural defects : The back muscles cannot bear the additional weight in the long term, which is why the affected person often assumes a permanent relieving posture. Unfortunately, this often leads to postural damage and intervertebral disc problems.

Eczema in the submammary fold : Even the bra, which is supposed to have a relieving effect, can contribute to the pain of large breasts. For example, straps – especially thin ones – cut painfully, or skin irritations such as rashes or eczema develop in the underbreast fold.

Mental/ psychological reasons : Many women who are thinking about breast reduction already had problems with the above-average growth of their breasts during their puberty. This can contribute to psychological stress, complexes, insecurity or dissatisfaction with one’s own body image. If the shape of her own breasts is not perceived as aesthetically pleasing by the woman, she may feel uncomfortable in her body and suffer from a lack of self-esteem.

Boob Reduction Turkey –  What could go wrong

  • thick, obvious scarring
  • unevenly shaped breasts or nipples
  • wound healing problems
  • loss of nipple sensation
  • being permanently unable to breastfeed
  • fat necrosis
  • bleeding inside the breast tissue (haematoma)

Risk –Complications

  1. excessive bleeding
  2. infection
  3. an allergic reaction to the anaesthetic
  4. a blood clot forming in the deep veins

You start with the examination of our specialist aesthetic surgeon in the field. You have surgery in A Class Fully Equipped Hospitals. Your controls and follow-up are done without delay. And you are returning to your country happy with smiles just as the others.

Breast Reduction Surgery - Zty Health Turkey

Breast Reduction Surgery in Istanbul

There are many advantages of having breast (boob)reduction surgery performed in Turkey. Let us briefly talk about the reasons for having a breast reduction surgery performed in Istanbul.

  • The fact that the most outstanding Aesthetic Surgeons of the world are in Istanbul
  • The fact that the Cosmetic Surgery Prices are in Turkey is much lower than in other European countries
  • A Class Hospital option in Istanbul and the top level of Medical Equipment
  • The fact that with its five star hotel options, Istanbul is among the indispensables in the service area
  • The fact that Istanbul is the center of the world in terms of transportation

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Before Boob Reduction Surgery in Turkey

In Istanbul, doctor consultation should be performed before the breast reduction surgery. The information such as whether the patient has thought of pregnancy, whether she has given birth, the operation should be performed because of health problems or aesthetic purposes should be taken.

Our aesthetic surgeon who will perform your breast reduction surgery in Turkey, by listening to your expectations and understanding what you want, prepares your plan for your operations. boob reduction turkey

Mammoplasty turkey Techniques

3 different techniques are applied in breast reduction operations that we performe in Istanbul. The common purpose of these three methods is the removal of excess fat, growing breast tissue and excess skin in the breast. Which method will be used is the result of the common decision of the doctor and the patient.

Inverted T Method:
In this method, the incision starting from the nipple is directed towards the bottom of the breast with a thin line. For this reason, the appearance of inverse t is formed.
Circle Method:
The incision is made only around the nipple.
Lollipop Method
The round incision around the nipple ends under the breast.

Preparation for Mammoplasty Surgery          

We provide all the details that patients should take care of one day before, in writing and verbally. Among these details, it is especially important to be hungry for surgery. At the same time, the usage of blood thinning medications should be stopped under the control of a doctor two weeks before. In addition to this, cigarette and alcohol should not be consumed. You can come to the hospital in comfortable clothes like a track suit.

Why consider mammoplasty

  • Pain in the back, neck, shoulder and breast
  • Grooving of the shoulders caused by bra straps
  • Inflamed reddened skin under the breast
  • Difficulty finding a suitable bra that fits and supports the breast correctly
  • Difficulty finding clothes that fit – often needing much larger size tops compared to bottoms
  • Difficulty undertaking exercise owing to pain and discomfort caused by the movement of their heavy breasts
  • A loss of confidence in their appearance and feeling people are staring at their bust.

If you’re planning to have children

If you plan to have boob reduction before having children bear in mind that breasts can get larger again during pregnancy, which may affect the results of the operation.

Your Stay Duration in Turkey For Breast Reduction Surgery

For Breast Reduction Surgery, it is enough to stay in Turkey for 5 days. You will stay 1 night in the hospital and 4 nights in the hotel.

Process after Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery may last between 2-3 hours. It is performed under general anesthesia. You will be hospitalized for one night.

  • Special corset is worn after surgery. This corset will be worn for 3-5 weeks.
  • Alcohol and cigarette consumption should be avoided for at least two weeks for fast healing.
  • You are not going to have problems with walking. Start walking, especially after a week.
  • Use the medication given by your surgeon. Pain feeling in the breast is normal for the first two or three days.
  • The formation of edema and swelling in the breast is part of the normal process.
  •  It should be waited 3-7 months to see the results.

Written on 19/02/2020 – Last Update: 19/11/2022