ZTY Medical Tourism

Want to have plastic surgery and you are looking for a reliable company in Turkey for the organization? Don’t waste time to meet Zty Health. We will be your partner in Turkey.

From choosing a doctor to hospital organization, transportation to accommodation; we will solve all the details. If all these processes going to put you under stress and you are looking for support for this organization, then it is time to meet Zty Health. You just sit back and enjoy your happiness.

If you are looking for a business partner in plastic surgery in Turkey, get ready for a reliable business partnership with Zty Health.

Health Tourism enables people to find the most effective and appropriate paid treatment methods in all medical branches in other countries. It is also a service sector that turns this into a health journey.

There are more than 5000 health tourism companies operating in the world on a large scale or with limited activity.

Health tourism companies plan the treatment process in line with the health problem requested by the patient, determine the payment terms, offer transportation and accommodation options and choose the most suitable health center. Also assistants will be with you in all these process.

We are well aware of the difficulties experienced by intermediary institutions in this process and we closely follow them. In particular, we find it useful to express the difficulties experienced by intermediary institutions that provide patient transfer to other countries;

Disruptions in the process of patient reception and patient transfer at the airport

  • Inadequate vehicle transfers between Airport-Hotel-Hospital
  • Hotel and accommodation problems
  • Deficiencies observed in the hospital environment
  • Language problem between patient and coordinator
  • Inconsistencies in hospital payments
  • Inconsistencies in doctor payments
  • Inconsistencies in commission payments
  • Inconsistencies in rest report, patient’s fly reports and anamnesis reports
  • Your own high consistent costs incurred when traveling abroad with the patient

We know how uncomfortable these and many other negative factors are, and that you are going through a stressful process. Health tourism Turkey

As of 2018, as Zty Health, we have started to offer our services to our patients abroad to other intermediary institutions. In this process, we cooperated with 18 intermediary health tourism companies. Health tourism Turkey

As Zty Health Family, we would like to talk about what services we can offer in this process.

  • Helps your patients with experienced assistants in the whole process
  • With fleet vehicle network provides airport transfer and urban transportation of your patients
  • A clear price policy gives you commission options
  • No surprise costs and expenses
  • Transfers 5-Star Hotel information to your patients
  • Patients are informed about A Class Hospital options
  • Collaborates with very good doctors in every branch
  • Aesthetics, Dental and Hair Transplant Experts offers you detailed information about.
  • Completes the rest process and the reporting process

If you want to spend this process more comfortable and stress-free and want to work with a professional team where everything is under control, you should meet us immediately.