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Fat accumulation and skin sagging may occur in the upper arm for some reasons. Surgical operation is needed for this undesired condition, especially in women.

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Procedure – Aftercare

Duration1 ,5- 2,5 Hour
Length of stay in hospital1 Night
Pain and DiscomfortPartially
Length of stay in istanbul4 Days
First Bath3 Days
Full Recovery1 Month
Side effectsBruising, soreness, scarring
Will there be any scar?Almost Invisible

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What is a mini arm lift?

A mini arm lift, also known as a minimal incision brachioplasty, is a cosmetic surgical procedure aimed at improving the appearance of the upper arms. It’s designed for individuals who have a moderate amount of loose skin and excess fat in the area between the underarm and the elbow. The procedure is less invasive than a traditional arm lift (brachioplasty) and is best suited for those who don’t require extensive skin removal.

In a mini arm lift, the surgeon makes smaller incisions, usually hidden in the underarm area, to remove excess skin and fat. This results in a more toned and contoured appearance of the arms. The procedure typically involves less scarring and a shorter recovery time compared to a full arm lift.

It’s important for anyone considering a mini arm lift to have realistic expectations and to discuss their goals and options with a qualified plastic surgeon. The surgeon can assess whether a mini arm lift is appropriate or if a full arm lift might be more beneficial based on the individual’s specific condition and aesthetic goals.

Brachioplasty in Istanbul

There are many advantages of having Brachioplasty performed in Turkey. Let us briefly talk about the reasons for having arm lift surgery performed in Istanbul.

  • The fact that the most outstanding Aesthetic Surgeons of the world are in Istanbul
  • The fact that theCosmetic Surgery Prices are in Turkey is much lower than in other European countries
  • A Class Hospital option in Istanbul and the top level of Medical Equipment
  • The fact that with its five star hotel options, Istanbul is among the indispensables in the service area
  • The fact that Istanbul is the center of the world in terms of transportation

Arm lift before and after

arm lift turkey before after ZTY Health

Requirements for an upper arm lift

  • Patients must be at least 18 years old
  • Women must not be pregnant or breastfeeding
  • good general health
  • stable weight
  • the skin should still be relatively taut and elastic so that it can rest well against the body after the procedure
  • it is not the age itself that is decisive, but rather the degree of elasticity or the ability of the skin to shrink


In Istanbul, doctor consultation should be performed before surgery. The patient’s expectations should be listened to and patiwnt should be informed about the operation to be performed. The whole process is communicated to the patient and the date of surgery is decided.

Arm Lifting Surgery in Turkey - zty health

How to Perform Arm Lifting

As with many surgeries, liposuction helps with obtaining of fat. These fats are removed from upper arm if excess fat is accumulated. One of the important issues is to decide the length of the incision according to the sagging condition of the arm.

If there is not too much sagging skin, the skin is collected through the armpit in order to hide the suture scars and cut to remove. Sutures are hidden in the armpit.
If there is too much sagging skin, the incision starts from the armpit, continues till the elbow.

Brachioplasty turkey surgery lasts between 1 and 3 hours on average. You will be hospitalized for one night.

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Preparation for Arm Lift Surgery         

We provide all the details that patients should take care of one day before, in writing and verbally. Among these details, it is especially important to be hungry for surgery. At the same time, the usage of blood thinning medications should be stopped under the control of a doctor two weeks before. In addition to this, cigarette and alcohol should not be consumed. You can come to the hospital in comfortable clothes like a track suit.

Process After Brachioplasty

  • One should rest for one week after arm lifting operation.
  • Painkillers and antibiotics given by the doctor should be used
  • Having pain on the first 3 days is normal
  • You can perform your daily activities starting from the second week.
  • You should use your corset for 3-4 weeks religiously
  • You can start the leg and waist exercises from the 3rd week, and the arm exercises from the 2nd month.

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