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Hair transplant Turkey package is offered as all inclusive. It can be used with Fue, Fut or Dhi techniques. Package Included; Includes accommodation, airport pick-up, interpreter support, local transfer. You can make a fresh start by staying in Istanbul for only 4 days.

Hair transplant turkey cost

Hair transplant Turkey cost is 1800 Euro, all inclusive. This price is valid for 2023. Only the operation fee is 1500 euros. It does not include accommodation, local transfers and airport pick-ups. You do not need to pay a deposit before the operation. Discounts are made when performed with other surgeries. No hidden payments.

Cost of hair transplant turkey

1800All inclusive
  • Max Grafts Single Session
  • 4 Nights Hotel
  • Private Airport Transfers (Roundtrip)
  • Medication, Shampoo, Lotion
  • A Class Hospital
  • Assistant Interpreter

Dhi Hair transplant turkey Cost

2000All inclusive
  • Max Grafts Single Session
  • 4 Nights Hotel
  • Private Airport Transfers (Roundtrip)
  • Medication, Shampoo, Lotion
  • A Class Hospital
  • Assistant Interpreter

Beard Transplant in Turkey Cost

1500All inclusive
  • Max Grafts Single Session
  • 4 Nights Hotel
  • Private Airport Transfers (Roundtrip)
  • Medication, Shampoo, Lotion
  • A Class Hospital
  • Assistant Interpreter

All Processes in Turkey

1. Day

Welcoming our patients and placing them in their hotel. Zty Health is contracted with Cityloft Hotels.

2. Day

Second day is hair transplantation day. It takes between 6 and 8 hours on average. Return to the hotel after the operation is provided by ZTY health.

3. Day

On the 3rd day, you have to go hospital/clinic for sewing. Then you are free all day. If you want, you can visit the historical places of Istanbul.

4. Day

On the 4th day, your hair washing is done and doctor will be taught to you how to do it yourself. The necessary materials are delivered and then you are transferred to the airport to return to your country.

Procedure – Aftercare

Processing Time 4-6 Hours
Anesthesia Local anesthesia
Length of stay in Turkey 4 days
Is it permanent for life
Intensity of pain Low to medium (pain is subjective)
Risk profile Low
Hospitalization not required
Fit for work After 3 days (desktop activity)
Final Result after 8-12 months
First wash 3 days later
Sexual intercourse After 2 weeks possible
First hair loss after 1 month

Hair transplant turkey before and after


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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many positive factors in choosing Istanbul for hair transplantation.

1)Reputable and Experienced Doctors in Turkey

Zty Health brings together the physician who is an expert in his/her field and has the highest reference and advice rate, with you. In fact, the success of the Turkish Hair Transplantation Centers is a very valid reason to make you have this operation performed in Turkey.

2)Affordable Hair Transplantation Prices in Turkey

Zty Health, with the price policy, performs Hair Transplantation in Turkey with more affordable prices compared to not only Europe but also many countries of the world.

3)A Class Hotel and Hospitals

Zty Healthcare team conducts operations in internationally accredited fully equipped hospitals. In this context, Turkey is creating a golden opportunity. The hotels that we have an agreement were designed for your comfort. We consider your health first with our hotel options close to the hospital.

4)Interpreter and Health Consultant
From the moment you arrive in Istanbul, the health assistant will manage the whole process with you. You will have both a consultant and an interpreter. As Zty Sağlık, we proudly would like to mention that we do not leave you alone at any stage.

Stage 1
We ask their photos taken from 8 angles from the patients coming for hair transplantation firstly (some of our patients can be requested a video).We want the patient to explain his/her expectations and the areas in which he/she feels uncomfortable.

Stage 2
We wait for the specialist to decide whether the hair is suitable for transplantation. We are informed about how many root applications should be performed in line with the decision of being suitable.

Stage 3
By creating a designated treatment schedule, we offer hair transplant price information. In accordance with the patient’s request, we add accommodation and transportation into the package. We are carrying out the process of meeting the patients from the airport and taking them to the hair transplantation center.

  1. After the hair transplantation process, we leave the patient to the hotel or to the region where he/she wants to go in company with our assistants.
  2. Our health assistants will be with you during the whole control process.
  3. We ask your photos every week after returning to your country. By monitoring the process, we ensure your controls.

As Zty Health, we prefer FUE Technique, which is the most reliable hair transplantation method with the most effective results.

Mustache and beard plantation is also performed in the hair transplantation center. The process proceeds in the same way.

Hair transplantation is not a surgical operation. Therefore, there is no risk of death. This process is carried out in numerous clinical safely in Turkey.

At the same time, Turkey is a country that has developed itself in this regard. The high competition in prices has made Turkey a cheaper compared to other European countries. Better hair transplantation operations are being performed in Turkey than many European countries.

Hair transplantation in Europe and America is on average around $ 15,000. In Turkey, the price of this process varies between 1,500 and 4,000 dollars. Also there is no difference in quality compared to European countries.

Hair transplantation success rate is a very high process. There is usually a success rate of 99 percent. Almost all patients are satisfied with the procedure. If hair and head structure of the patient is not suitable for hair transplantation, this process is not applied to the patient from the beginning.

Hair transplantation process takes between 6-8 hours on average. After the hair transplantation process, patients have to stay in Turkey average 4 days.

One month after the hair transplant, the transplanted hair begins to fall out but this is an expected result. After two months, the hair starts to grow and this growing period continued approximately 4-5 months.

In sixth month after the hair transplant, your hair will becomes permanent in your head and will not fall out. Then it is up to you to extend or cut your hair.

What is a hair transplant?

In medicine, a hair transplant is the transplanting of your own hair to other parts of the body. There are various options for this, depending on the individual situation of the patient: the FUE, FUT and DHI methods as well as the cross-punch technique and new robot-assisted procedures. In principle, modern surgery can use all these types of transplant to prevent irreversible hair loss. The hair roots to be transplanted usually come from the back of the head.

In some cases, however, the doctor can also remove them from the arms or legs as well as from the back or chest. On the one hand, hair transplantation is an option to compensate for cosmetic problems such as a receding hairline or a high forehead. On the other hand, it can also be used if, for example, an illness or an accident causes bald spots on the hair, beard or eyebrows.

Complications and risks

Even if a hair transplant is a comparatively small surgical procedure, complications such as inflammation in the transplant area or a rejection reaction of the patient’s own hair can occur in a few cases. However, through ongoing research, the risks of hair transplantation have been reduced in recent years. New techniques, such as the lateral slit procedure or the non-invasive FUE technique, usually make the result look particularly natural and guarantee growth rates of over 90 percent.

In addition, activation of hair growth can be achieved with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). PRP is extracted from the patient’s own blood and injected into the scalp before and after the hair transplant. Hair specialists report that using it twice already significantly improves the result of the hair transplant.

Anyone who decides to have a hair transplant should put themselves in the hands of experts, as the experience of the hair surgeon and the technical skill of the preparation team are crucial to the success of a hair transplant. Cosmetic irregularities, such as an irregular hairline or an unnatural growth direction of the inserted hair, are usually the result of a lack of experience on the part of the treating physicians.

Gene-related baldness is no longer a death sentence, meaning that your thinning hair can be medically restored. At Zty Health, we’ve been performing hair transplant surgery for many years and know that for sure. No matter how old you are, and what alopecia pattern is your case, you may still be in with a chance of getting your thick hair back. If our doctors conclude that you’re a perfect candidate for the procedure, you will enjoy impressive results in a matter of months. hair implant turkey

We rely on FUE and FUT methods as they prove to be the most effective for male- and female-pattern baldness. Simply put, the former is all about taking individual healthy follicles out of the donor scalp skin and then grafting them onto the balding area. Unlike it, FUT involves the extraction of all follicles at once. Regardless of what technique you choose to give a try, your hair transplant surgery will only take 6-8 hours and last for years.

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Here’s what you may also want to know:

  • both men and women can count on Zty Health to have a hair transplant in Turkey;
  • FUE and FUT are the most sought-after methods because they offer natural-looking results;
  • your healthy hair won’t be damaged;
  • when done at our clinic in Istanbul, hair transplantation has a success rate of 99%;
  • it’s an absolutely pain-free procedure.

Let us turn your hair transplantation in Turkey into a comfortable experience

Zty Health can not only help you fight hair loss but also take care of your visit to Istanbul, no matter where you are from. We realize how unsettling it may be to have surgery, especially in a foreign country. That’s why it will be our pleasure to save you the trouble of arranging transportation, booking accommodation, and looking for an interpreter. Just opt for our all-in-one package and leave those worries to us.

A patient-centered approach is what defines Zty Health! If you need more information about our procedure of hair transplantation, prices, airport transfer, or anything else, please get in touch. Feel free to submit a form or leave your phone number for a call-back service. Hair Transplant in Turkey

Fue Hair Transplantation in Turkey

The FUE method (follicular unit extraction) is a meticulous procedure in which single hair is extracted and replanted in designated area. Hair follicles are obtained from the donor area and implanted in the bald area. FUE hair transplantation does not leave a visible trace.

How Is FUE Hair Transplantation Performed?

In Fue hair transplantation method, the patient firstly undergoes blood examination and determined whether he is suitable for the operation. If the patient is suitable, the hair is shaved with special shavers prior to the operation. The area for donation is marked and local anesthesia is performed. The hair follicles obtained from the back of the ear are then implanted in the hairless area. 2000-2500 grafts can be taken in a single session according to the condition of the donor area. A second session can be performed depending on the need for more grafts. White dots appear in the area of application. These dots disappear over time and do not leave any traces. Hair Transplant in Turkey


What are the Techniques in Fue Hair Transplantation?

There are different techniques such as needle hair transplantation, choi technique and slit transplantation technique.

Who Should Undergo Fue Hair Transplantation?

Both men and women can opt for Fue hair transplantation. It can be performed in anyone who suffers from hair loss due to genetic factors.

What are the Advantages of Fue Hair Transplantation?

  • It has a short healing process since Fue hair technique is not a surgical operation.
  • There is no scarring as hair is transplanted by opening up micro channels.
  • Provides very natural results and leaves behind no marks.
  • Causes no pain as it is performed under local anesthesia.
  • Does not cause damage to hair follicles.

FUT Hair Transplantation

The FUT hair transplantation technique includes removal of the hair follicles in a row rather than one by one. The permanent hair band taken from the side of the head is implanted in the hearless area under local anesthesia.

How is FUT Hair Transplantation performed?

The Fut hair transplantation method is especially preferred for areas with a small amount of hair. The scalp strips on the back of the two ears are removed after the donor area is anesthetized with local anesthesia and the strips are divided into grafts with 2-3 hair follicles each. The hairless area is stitched with tiny suture. The Fut method is preferred in the presence of an insufficient amount of hair although it is an old application. Hair Transplant in Turkey


Who Should Undergo Fut Hair Transplantation?

It can be performed in anyone who experiences hair loss and baldness.

What are the Advantages of Fut Hair Transplantation?

  • Hair grows faster.
  • It is the fastest technique for hair transplantation.
  • It can be combined with other hair transplantation methods if more hair follicles are needed.
  • Does not cause damage to the natural hair structure.
  • Natural appearence.
  • No need to shave the donor area before the procedure.
  • Applies to normal type of hair.

Written on: 05/02/2020 – Last Update: 19/11/2022