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Penile elongation surgery (penoplasty) that is included in genital surgeries is a surgical operation, which is applied sometimes to patients who have micro-penis, sometimes to patients who want to make their normal penis size and thickness bigger.

In Turkey, As Zty Health Team, we are performing the Penile Enlargement Surgery. You will reach the results that will make you happy at the end of 3-days Istanbul travel.

We plan and offer everything from your stay to your transport, from your doctor to your hospital.

Penile Elongation Surgery in Turkey

Zty Health Team, in Turkey, is spearheading to the successful genital aesthetic operations. Thanks to the method applied by our doctor, who is experienced and among the special esthetic surgeons on this subject, both elongation and thickening can be achieved without cutting the penis suspensory ligaments.

As the only health tourism company organizing penile elongation surgeries in Istanbul, we have found solutions to many problems.

Penile Enlargement Surgery Turkey


Preparation for Penile Elongation Surgery in Istanbul

While preparing for penile elongation surgery in Istanbul, we provide all the details that patients should take care of one day before, in writing and verbally. Among these details, it is especially important to be hungry for surgery. In addition to this, cigarette and alcohol should not be consumed. You can come to the hospital in comfortable clothes like a track suit.

Penile Elongation Surgery Process

In penile elongation surgeries (penoplasty), the patient’s expectation from the operation should be well understood and the details should be clearly communicated to the patient. There are two types of applications performed in the penile aesthetics in Turkey. The first one is the elongation of the penis length. The second is the thickening of the penis. As a result of the examination of the penis, the patient will be informed about how much elongation will be provided. Usually, the penis shows an elongation of 2 or 2.5 cm.

The operation is performed without cutting the suspensory ligaments that hold the penis. This is a new technique in this regard. Penis thickening is provided by injecting the fat from the abdomen into the penis body. As a result, the penis circumference is thickened around 4 cm.

The average duration of penis surgery is 1 hour. It is performed under general anesthesia. The patient is asked to stay in the hospital for one night. The next day, the controls are performed and they are discharged.

After Penile Elongation Surgery

Approximately in 40 days following the penile elongation surgery, sexual intercourse should not be had. This includes masturbation. Bathing should be done for three days after surgery.

Your Stay Duration in Turkey For Penile Elongation Surgery

You have to stay 3-4 days in Turkey for penile elongation surgery (penoplasty). You will have surgery on the first day, be discharged on the second day, have control on the fourth day.

Risks of Penile Elongation Surgery

As with every aesthetic surgery, there are some risks in penis aesthetics. The most important of these is the risk of infection and bleeding. Penis surgery does not cause an erection problem. Does not cause early ejaculation. It does not cause problems such as impotence.
Penile elongation surgery is not performed on the head which is the most sensitive part of the penis.

Penile Elongation Surgery (penoplasty) Prices in Turkey

We, as Zty Health, are performing penile elongation surgery in Istanbul Turkey.  This operation performed by our doctor, who is being shown among the special plastic surgeons, makes our patients smile in terms of cost.

Zty Health offers you this surgery as 2 Packages.

All Inclusive Package 1:
-Airport Meeting and Intercity Transportation
-Esthetic Surgery
-A Class Hospital
-Assistant Interpreter

Operation Package 2:
-Esthetic Surgery
-A Class Hospital
-Assistant Interpreter
-Airport Meeting and Intercity Transportation

Just as in our previous patients, as Zty Health Family, we will be happy to make you experience the many advantages of having it performed the penis aesthetics in Turkey.