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Sagging breasts are the conditions that are undesirable by many women. The effects of breastfeeding on postnatal periods, rapid weight gain and loss, advenced age and gravity are among the reasons that triggered this process.

The solution for the sagging breasts, which has a negative effect on the selection of clothes and sexual life, is not far away. As Zty Health Team, we organize your 6-days trip to Istanbul, provide your breasts with the image you want and ensure your return to your country.

Turkey preference and historical Istanbul options for Breast Lifting Surgery will be transformed into a fantastic trip with health Zty health insurance. You start with the examination of our Breast Aesthetic Surgeon. You have surgery in A Class Fully Equipped Hospitals. Your controls and follow-up are done without delay. And you are returning to your country happy with smiles just as the others.

Breast Lifting Surgery - Zty Health Turkey

Breast Lifting Surgery in Istanbul

Breast lifting operations are performed in order to lift the sagging breasts, to make the breast gain volume and to make it look more aesthetic.

There are many advantages of having breast reduction surgery, namely mastopexia performed in Turkey. Let us briefly talk about the reasons for having a breast reduction surgery performed in Istanbul.

  • The fact that the most outstanding Aesthetic Surgeons of the world are in Istanbul
  • The fact that theCosmetic Surgery Prices are in Turkey is much lower than in other European countries
  • A Class Hospital option in Istanbul and the top level of Medical Equipment
  • The fact that with its five star hotel options, Istanbul is among the indispensables in the service area
  • The fact that Istanbul is the center of the world in terms of transportation

Breast Lifting Surgery in Turkey

Breast lifting surgery can be combined with breast reduction or breast augmentation surgery. For this reason, the doctor interview is the first and most important step. In the examination, which method will be used, the duration and details of the operation are communicated to the patient and the date of surgery is decided. breast lift turkey


Mastopexia surgery in Istanbul is performed under general anesthesia like many other aesthetic operations. For this reason, we provide all the details that patients should take care of one day before, in writing and verbally. Among these details, it is especially important to be hungry for surgery. At the same time, the usage of blood thinning medications should be stopped under the control of a doctor two weeks before. In addition to this, cigarette and alcohol should not be consumed. You can come to the hospital in comfortable clothes like a track suit.

Your Stay Duration in Turkey

For Breast Lifting Surgery, it is enough to stay in Turkey for 5 days. You will stay 1 night in the hospital and 4 nights in the hotel.

Process After Breast Lifting Operation

Breast lifting surgery may last between 2-3 hours on average. It is performed under general anesthesia. You will be hospitalized for one night.

  • -Special corset is worn after surgery. This corset will be worn for 3-5 weeks.
  •  Alcohol and cigarette consumption should be avoided for at least two weeks for fast healing.
  • You are not going to have problems with walking. Start walking, especially after a week.
  • Use the medication given by your surgeon. Pain feeling in the breast is normal for the first two or three days.
  • The formation of edema and swelling in the breast is part of the normal process.
  •  It should be waited 3-7 months to see the results.

Breast lift turkey Prices

The breast lifting surgery performed under the Zty Health Organization will be performed in Istanbul.

We would like to say in advance that the price of this operation which will be presented as a package with our special aesthetic surgeon, A Class Hospital and Comfort Hotel option, with the support of the Interpreter and Health Assistant will be suitable for you. breast lift turkey

Zty Health offers you this surgery as 2 Packages.

All Inclusive Package 1:
-Airport Meeting and Intercity Transportation
-Esthetic Surgery
-A Class Hospital
-Assistant Interpreter

Operation Package 2:
-Esthetic Surgery
-A Class Hospital
-Assistant Interpreter
-Airport Meeting and Intercity Transportation

Experience the assurance of having it performed the Breast Lifting Surgery in the Organization of Zty Health in Turkey.