Gynecomastia Surgery in Turkey

Gynecomastia surgery is performed by removing the mammary gland (glandular tissue). Therefore, it is permanent. It doesn’t repeat. The success rate is close to 100%.

Why Gynecomastia Istanbul?

There are many places to visit in Istanbul such as the Blue Mosque, Sultanahmet Square, Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia Mosque, Dolmabahce Palace, Galata Tower, Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar, Basilica Cistern, Taksim Square, Istiklal Street. It can be visited in one day after gynecomastia surgery.

Procedure – Aftercare

City Istanbul
Duration 1 – 1,5 Hour
Location Hospital
Length of stay in hospital 1 Night
Corset Should Be Worn For 3 Weeks
Pain and Discomfort Partially
Returning to Work 3 Days
First Bath 3 Days
Full Recovery 1 Month
Will A New Surgery Be Needed? No
Exercise – Cardio 30 Days
Will there be any scar? Almost Invisible
Minimum Age 18

Gynecomastia surgery turkey cost

All Inclusive Package

2500Prices starting from
  • Gynecomastia Surgery
  • Vaser Liposuction
  • Corset
  • Assistant Interpreter
  • A Class Hospital
  • Private Airport Transfers (Roundtrip)
  • Local VIP Transfer
  • 4 Nights Hotel

No Hidden Costs.

The system works all inclusive. Additional cost; Post-operative medications (about $10), lunch and dinner are your responsibility. Your personal expenses are your responsibility.

Gynecomastia Surgery Turkey Reviews

What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is the breast enlargement in men. Disproportionate male breast enlargement causes both aesthetics and health problems. No man wants to have a feminine breast tissue. Therefore, problem can lead to both physical and psychological problems in men. It is generally seen in infants and adolescents.

Male breast reduction turkey

Gynecomastia surgery takes 1 hour. It is performed in hospital. Operation is performed with general anesthesia. Once you regain your conscious, you will wear a corset. This corset is worn for an average of one month. Let’s outline pre- and post events:


  • Fasting should start from the evening.
  • You should arrive in the hospital one hour before.
  • You should stop taking anticoagulants one week before.
  • It may be useful to come to the hospital with an attendant.
  • You should report your regular medications or any chronic disease.


  • wear a gynecomastia corset for a month.
  • visit the clinic for follow-up check-up 3-4 days later.
  • take prescribed medications strictly as instructed
  • avoid from lifting heavy objects for one month.
  • avoid from exercise and cardio for a month.
  • rest in the hospital for at least one day.

Questions to be asked to the doctor who will perform man boob job turkey

  1. For how long have you been working as a plastic surgeon?
  2. Which hospital?
  3. Which faculty did you graduate from? Do you have any special training ?
  4. Do I have gynecomastia?
  5. What should I do for the best result?
  6. What will my post-operative care entail?
  7. Which surgical techniq?
  8. How many times should I come for follow-up check-up?
  9. What are the risks and possible problems?
  10. What will happen if is not what I expected?

Excision of tissue from the male breast

This is actually a short procedure. An incision is made from the nipple. Boobst issue is separated inside. And then the breast tissue is removed from this incision. If the adipose (fatty) tissue is inadequate, the mammary gland will also be excised. Flattening will be performed with flatting. And then the nipple is stitched. Since self-melting stitches are used, no extra stitch is required.

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Gynecomastia liposuction

Liposuction is performed during the surgical procedure. Vaser technique is used. At the same time, glandular tissue removal is also performed. Liposuction is an indispensable additional application in gynecomastia surgeries.

Zty Gynecomastia Surgery in Turkey

Costs of Gynecomastia Surgery

According to the statistics of the American Plastic Surgeons Association for 2018, the average cost of gynecomastia surgery is up to $3978. But the cost of surgery charged in Turkey is considerably lower than the average cost charged in Europe or US. Prices for gynecomastia surgery in Turkey start from 2500 euros. The price increases according to the rate of growth in the male breast. The exchange rate differences in Turkey and the lower value of our currency compared to other currencies creates an advantage for Turkey. Low costs should not be interpreted as low-quality or unsuccessful surgery because Istanbul plastic surgery has really advanced in its field.

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The content of gynecomastia surgery cost

  • Anesthesia fees
  • Hospital fees
  • Medical tests
  • Post-operative corset
  • Cost of medications
  • fee

is gynecomastia surgery safe

Gynecomastia surgery carries risks of anesthesia. Extra does not carry special risks for this surgery. The patient should report if he is healthy and has a chronic illness. Continuous drug information should be shared. If there is a previous unsuccessful male breast reduction surgery, a different procedure can be applied.

Frequently Asked Questions

If we were able to examine you remotely, you can have surgery on the day you travel to Istanbul. As a precaution, you will stay in the hospital overnight. Your follow-up check-up will be made the next day. In case of drain, it will be removed. Stitches will not be removed. You will wear the corset for 20 days. Apart from that, it would be beneficial if you make a follow-up visit in 10 days. But it is not essential for those who can not afford to come or those living abroad. Gynecomastia Surgery in Turkey male breast reduction turkey

In short, staying in Istanbul for 2 days is enough time for gynecomastia operation.

After the male breast surgery, the patient should have a well-balanced diet. Losing or gaining excess weight may cause fat deposition in the breast again. But this will never progress up to the pre-operative condition.

You can have a bath three days after gynecomastia . You should take off your corset before shower/bath and after drying off, you should put on your corset again.

After gynecomastia surgery, risks such as bleeding, infection, not being able to excise enough tissue or excising excess tissue and asymmetry problems may occur.

Single breast enlargement may occur in men. Gynecomastia can be performed for single breast.

Fat amount that is surgically removed from male breast may vary. It can range between 400 cc – 2 liters.

You will be invited for follow-up visit on the third and seventh day after operation.

You can return to work in 8-10 days after male gynecomastia surgery. However, your job should not involve physical strain.

The experience of the surgeon who will perform the male breast surgery and the classification of the hospital where the surgery will be performed are some factors that determine the cost of this surgery. Any examination fee will not be charged before Gynecomastia Istanbul. Ultrasound and examination can be requested for control. The average fee for gynecomastia surgery is determined after your examination. Sometimes the cost may increase in very large breasts. If the breast is smaller, the cost will decrease on pro rata basis.

If you are sure about that there is no enlargement in mammary glands, namely glandular tissue, in your boob, fats in the breast area may be eliminated with exercise and diet. Without tussling with these, the problem can be fixed permanently with surgical. Or gynecomastia surgery may be performed if the fat cannot be eliminated. Gynecomastia Istanbul

It is the fat deposition that occurs under, near and behind the nipples of men. Not only fat, but fat tissue formation is also frequently observed. It causes a very serious psychological discomfort for a man. Gynecomastia is regarded as a problem and nightmare for men due to the limitations of vital activities and difficulties in exposing body.

Written on 19/02/2020 – Last Update: 01/08/2022