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We are performing Bichectomy, namely Hollywood Cheek surgery which is shown among the most popular aesthetic trends in present-day in Istanbul, Turkey.

Buccal fat removal turkey price

The price of buccal fat removal in Turkey is 2500 euros all inclusive. Surgical package includes accommodation, airport pick-up, city transfers, interpreter and surgical procedure. Your approximate stay in Turkey is 3 days. Discounts are applied if combined with different surgeries. The operation is performed by a plastic surgeon in Turkey. No hidden costs

Procedure – Aftercare

The time for surgeryAverage 1 hour
AnesthesiaGeneral anesthesia
HospitalizationOne night
Risk profileLow
Intensity of painLow to medium (pain is subjective)
Sports7-10 days
Length of stay in Turkey4 days
Final Resultafter 6-8 weeks
Fit for workAfter 2 days (desktop activity)
incisionNo scars
fat is removedAll of the adipose tissue
swelling, bruisinglight to moderate swelling or bruising


Bichectomy cost turkey

All Inclusive Package

2500that's all
  • Bichectomy Surgery
  • Vaser Technique
  • Assistant Interpreter
  • A Class Hospital
  • Private Airport Transfers (Roundtrip)
  • Local VIP Transfer
  • 3 Nights Hotel

Bichectomy before after

buccal fat removal turkey_ZTY_Health

Does the bichectomy age you?

A bichectomy, also known as buccal fat removal, is a cosmetic procedure that involves the removal of buccal fat pads from the cheeks. This can create a more contoured, defined facial appearance. However, there are concerns about the potential aging effects of this procedure in the long term.

As people age, they naturally lose fat in their face, which can lead to a more hollow or aged appearance. By removing the buccal fat pads, a bichectomy may potentially accelerate this aspect of the aging process. The procedure might give a youthful and contoured look initially, but as natural age-related facial fat loss occurs, the cheeks could appear more sunken and aged.

It’s essential to carefully consider these potential long-term effects and discuss them with a qualified plastic surgeon. The surgeon can provide personalized advice based on your facial structure, skin quality, age, and long-term aesthetic goals. The decision to undergo a bichectomy should be made after thoroughly weighing the immediate cosmetic benefits against the possible implications for your appearance in the future.

What is a bichectomy?

A narrow, V-shaped face shape is considered attractive by most people. Full cheeks, also known as “hamster cheeks”, on the other hand, often make the face appear childish and make people appear more overweight than they actually are.

Buccal fat removal originally comes from the USA and aims to slim your face and remove excess fatty tissue. This allows us to remove fat from the inside of your cheeks, thereby highlighting and accentuating your cheekbones. The result is a slimmer face and a younger appearance.

Why should I choose Turkey for Buccal fat removal?

Turkey has come a long way in health tourism. Istanbul is the reason for preference, both in terms of technology and service quality. Surgery prices are very cheap compared to Europe and America. Opportunity to have surgery and visit the touristic places of Istanbul.

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Who Is a Good Candidate For Bichectomy?

The appearance of a chubby cheek can sometimes be caused by genetic and sometimes hormonal and unbalanced nutrition. Contact us immediately to make the facial contours more pronounced and to remove the fat cheek image. We host our patients from many countries in Istanbul for facial aesthetics. You feel at home with all the services such as accommodation, interpreter, transportation and assistant.

You start with the examination of our specialist aesthetic surgeon in the field. You are being operated in A Class Clinics. Your controls and follow-up are done without delay. And you are turning to your country happily and smiling, just like the others.

Zty Bichectomy Surgery Turkey

Bichectomy Cheek Thinning Surgery in Istanbul

There are many advantages of having bichectomy surgery performed in Turkey. Let us briefly talk about the reasons for having a Hollywood Cheek surgery performed in Istanbul.

  • The fact that the most outstanding Aesthetic Surgeons of the world are in Istanbul
  • The fact that theCosmetic Surgery Prices are in Turkey is much lower than in other European countries
  • A Class Hospital option in Istanbul and the top level of Medical Equipment
  • The fact that with its five star hotel options, Istanbul is among the indispensables in the service area
  • The fact that Istanbul is the center of the world in terms of transportation

Before Bichectomy Operation in Turkey

In Istanbul, doctor consultation should be performed before bichectomy, ie, cheek thinning surgery. Details such as the expectations of the patient, how he/she wants to see her facial features, how he/she will get a look after the surgery should be explained.

Our aesthetic surgeon who will perform your bichectomy surgery in Turkey, by listening to your expectations and understanding what you want, prepares your plan for your operations.

How to Perform a Bichectomy Surgery in Istanbul

Cheek thinning is a very comfortable operation. In Istanbul, we usually complete the bichectomy operations in about 35 minutes under local anesthesia.

A small incision is performed on the inside of the cheek into the mouth and the fat tissue is taken out. The patient does not feel pain during the cheek thinning surgery. The patient can be discharged after the operation.

Preparation for Bichectomy Operation    

We provide all the details that patients should take care of one day before, in writing and verbally. Among these details, it is especially important to be hungry for surgery. At the same time, the usage of blood thinning medications should be stopped under the control of a doctor two weeks before. In addition to this, cigarette and alcohol should not be consumed. You can come to the hospital in comfortable clothes like a track suit.

Your Stay Duration in Turkey

For bichectomy surgery, it is enough to stay in Turkey for 2 days. You will stay 1 night in the hospital and 1 night in the hotel.

Process After Buccal fat removal

  • You can return to your home or hotel after the surgery. There is no need to stay in the hospital.
  • Liquid foods should be consumed in the first day.
  • Excess laughing and stretching facial movements should be restricted as much as possible.
  • It is normal for edema and swelling to occur. It starts to decrease on the second day.
  • Melting suture is used.
  • The mouth  hygiene should be paid attention and gargle should be used from the second day if possible.


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