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The removal of the excess skin, which can occur due to many reasons in the abdomen, by the surgical operation is called Tummy Tuck Surgery .

Skin sagging caused by rapid weight gain and loss, sagging under the umbilicus formed after delivery, sagging of the tummy tuck due to the weight loss after applications such as gastric reduction or gastric balloon, the excess that cannot be removed with diet and sports constitutes the appropriate patient profile for abdomen lifting surgery.

Tummy tuck surgery cost turkey

All Inclusive Package

4000Prices starting from
  • Tummy Tuck Surgery
  • Vaser Liposuction
  • Corset
  • Assistant Interpreter
  • A Class Hospital
  • Private Airport Transfers (Roundtrip)
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Abdomen Lifting Abdominoplasty in Turkey

We are performing the abdomen lifting, namely the removal operation for the excess skin that is formed on the abdomen in Istanbul/Turkey. In performing this surgery in Turkey, it has many positive factors for you.

  1. Reputable and Experienced Plastic Surgeon in Turkey
    Zty Health brings together the physician who is an expert in his/her field and has the highest reference and advice rate, with you. In fact, the success and experience of Turkish plastic surgeons are a very valid reason to make you have the abdomen lifting surgery performed in Turkey.
  2. Aesthetic Surgery with Affordable Price in Turkey
    Zty Health, with the price policy, performs abdominoplasty surgery in Turkey with more affordable prices compared to not only Europe but also many countries of the world.
  3. A Class Hotel and Hospitals
    Zty Healthcare team conducts operations in internationally accredited fully equipped hospitals. In this context, Turkey is creating a golden opportunity. The hotels that we have an agreement were designed for your comfort. We consider your health first with our hotel options close to the hospital.
  4. Interpreter and Health Consultant
    From the moment you arrive in Istanbul, the health assistant will manage the whole process with you. You will have both a consultant and an interpreter. As Zty Sağlık, we proudly would like to mention that we do not leave you alone at any stage.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Turkey

Process Before Tummy Tuck in Turkey

We are performing free consultation before the abdomen lifting surgery. The dimention of sagging in the abdomen of the patient is very important. This plays a role in the decision of the doctor to select which abdomen lifting method to use. There are two types of abdomen lifting.

1)Full Abdomen Lifting
Full abdomen lifting is the process of removing the sagging of the skin, both on the upper side of the navel and on the underside of the navel. In this procedure, the abdomen is pulled downwards by cutting the incision at the level of the two pelvis to remain under the underwear. Here, the place of the navel can be changed, so the new navel is formed.
The full abdomen lifting operation can last 2-3 hours on average. After surgery under general anesthesia, our patients will stay in hospital for two days.
2)Mini AbdomenLifting
In the mini abdomen lifting operation, excess skin is removed from the underside of the navel. The incision is shorter here. The navel hole is not touched. Mini abdomn lifting surgery lasts  2 hours on average. After surgery under general anesthesia, our patients will stay in hospital for two days.

 Preparation for Tummy Tuck Surgery In Istanbul

We provide all the details that patients should take care of one day before, in writing and verbally. Among these details, it is especially important to be hungry for surgery. At the same time, the usage of blood thinning medications should be stopped under the control of a doctor two weeks before. In addition to this, cigarette and alcohol should not be consumed. You can come to the hospital in comfortable clothes like a track suit.

Your Stay Duration in Turkey For Abdomen Lifting Surgery

You should stay in Turkey for about 7 days for abdomen lifting surgery. You will be in the hospital for two nights, including the operation day. On the fourth day you will be called back for the control. On the 6th day, your final control will be performed and the process is completed. Tummy Tuck Surgery Turkey

Process After Tummy Tuck Surgery Turkey

You will wear a corset after the abdominal surgery. You will wear your corset for about 1-2 months. In this period, especially on the first day, you will have pain. It is important that your movements are limited. You will be able to spend this period comfortably with the painkillers you will use.

Tummy Tuck Prices in Turkey

This surgery performed under the Zty Health Organization will be performed in Istanbul.

We would like to say in advance that the price of this operation which will be presented as a package with our special aesthetic surgeon, A Class Hospital and Comfort Hotel option, with the support of the Interpreter and Health Assistant will be suitable for you.

Zty Health offers you this surgery as 2 Packages.

All Inclusive Package 1:
-Airport Meeting and Intercity Transportation
-Esthetic Surgery
-A Class Hospital
-Assistant Interpreter

Operation Package 2:
-Esthetic Surgery
-A Class Hospital
-Assistant Interpreter
-Airport Meeting and Intercity Transportation

Experience the assurance of having it performed the Abdomen Lifting Surgery in the Organization of Zty Health in Turkey.

Written on 19/02/2020 – Last Update: 02/09/2021