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The popularity among medical tourists is due to affordability and accessibility of a vast range of procedures in turkey. Also, an important reason is a shorter waiting time. The majority of patients can have the operation in two weeks or less.

Plastic surgery price list in Turkey

Plastic surgery prices are given in the list below. Some fees are average. It may vary according to the patient’s weight, height, medical history and age. Discounts may be available when several surgeries are combined. We are able to offer you the most suitable procedure at the most affordable prices with our mutual meetings.

Procedure Prices
Penis enlargement 2200 Euro
Penis thickening 2200 Euro
Penis enlargement + thickening 2500 Euro
BBL (Brazilian butt lift) 3500 Euro
Liposuction Starting from 2500 Euros
Tummy Tuck 4000 Euro
Hair Transplant 1800 Euro
Otoplasty 2500 Euro
Gynecomastia/ Breast Reduction (Men) Starting from 2500 Euros
Breast Reduction 3000 Euro
Breast Lifting 3500 Euro
Breast enlargement 3500 Euro
Rhinoplasty 3500 Euro
Arm Lift 3000 Euro
Bichectomy 2500 Euro
Neck liposuction 2500 Euro
Labiaplasty 2500 Euro
Vaginoplasty 2500 Euro

The prices given above are all inclusive prices. It is the total package price including translator, hotel and transfer costs. The following services are free,

  • Scheduling medical appointments in Turkey
  • Making hotel arrangements in Turkey
  • Ground transportation from International Airport
  • Estimating cost of services in Turkey
  • English language interpretation services
  • VIP transfer service in Istanbul
  • Assisting with discharge and medical payment procedures
  • Facilitating communication with Turkish physicians after departure from Turkey

No Hidden Costs

All treatment offers include specialist consultation, laboratory costs, hospital fees, and injections. As long as you stay in Turkey, you pay for dinner and post-operative medications. Their fees are plastic surgery prices in Istanbul.

Payment method

You can pay in Euro – Dollar or Turkish lira. Only cash is accepted. Payment is taken at the hospital before entering the operating room. Covid -19 test fee belongs to the patient. There is a certain length of stay at the hotel for each operation. The duration of stay in Istanbul may be extended for reasons other than surgery. if you have such a thought, the payment belongs to the patient. Plastic Surgery Prices in Turkey

Why is surgery cheaper in Turkey?

  1. The primary reason why plastic surgeries are cheap in Turkey is exchange rates. Turkish lira is cheaper than dollar and euro. This means that you can have many surgeries done with a little euro or dollar.
  2. Another reason is that the competition is fierce. Competition always drives prices down
  3. All-inclusive plastic surgery packages in Turkey ( Because of the high competition, most clinics and health tourism companies in the country provide medical seekers with special offers and all-inclusive packages that usually include all necessary materials, the surgery itself, accommodation, transfers, language assistance and so on. )

What are you paying for?

All package costs is composed of a variety of expenses including

  • Surgeon fees
  • Material costs (breast implants, corset, Hair band etc.)
  • Operating room costs
  • Anesthesia related costs
  • Any included medications or post-surgical compression devices
  • Hotel cost
  • Transfer Cost

Plastic Surgery Prices in the World

Procedure U.S.A England Germany
Rhinoplasty $7,500 £3,000 8.500 €
Liposuction $6,000 £4,000 4.500 €
Tummy Tuck $8,000 £10,000 7.500 €
Breast Augmentation $6,500 £8,000 7.000 €
Breast Reduction $7,000 £9,000 8.500 €
Breast Lift $8,000 £9,000 8.500 €
Otoplasty $4,500 £3,500 4.500 €
Gynocomastia $5,500 £8,000 5.500 €
Eyelid Surgery $4,700 £4,000 5.500 €
Facelift $12,500 £12,000 10.000 €
BBL Surgery $8,500 $8,000 7.500 €
Labiaplasty $4,000 £4,000 3.500 €
Arm Lift $7,500 $8,000 6.500 €
Neck Lift $8,500 $9,500 5.500 €
Hair Transplant $7,000 £8,000 4.500 €
Penis Enlargement $7,500 £8,000 7.500 €

The prices given in the table above are averages. For exact price information, you should contact someone clinics. The purpose of sharing the table, to compare with plastic surgery prices in Turkey.

Financing your plastic surgery

We do not offer financing options. You can research this topic. If you find financing through your own efforts, we will do our best.


Written on 19/02/2020 – Last Update: 15/09/2021