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As it is known, some deformations and negative shape distortions that disrupt the facial structure can be eliminated with facial aesthetics.

Sometimes, these negativities are covered with everyday makeup or special makeup techniques. But these simple methods do not work for some areas on the face. At the beginning of these areas is the food region, also called the sub-chin region.

Lubrication and sagging in the chin area may differ from person to person. Some may appear as a mass, while others may appear as drooping. No matter how smooth facial features you have, if you have double chin, you are leaving aesthetic sense other beauties in the background. In this regard, fats under the chin negatively affect the appearance of the face.

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With chin aesthetics, these problems can be overcome in a short time. Removing fat from food has become an aesthetic operation that is sought after by many men and women. Turkey is one of a top destinations for double chin surgery due experinced doctors and first class medicial facilities. Therefore, many people from all around the prefer Turkey. We know the presence of patients who have reached our healthcare consultants by saying that I got double chin, I want to get rid of it, I want double chin aesthetics. Well; what is double chin aesthetics? Let’s share with you what you need to know about under-chin fats, double chin aesthetics.

How do you get rid of a double chin ?

Aesthetic surgeons are the place where patients can go for complaints due to oily and sagging under the chin, sagging and oiling that occur parallel to the under the chin. You should share your complaints and expectations with the plastic surgeon in the chin area. The key matter here is that experienced and well equipped aesthetic surgeons need to perform double chin aesthetics. If it is not performed in experienced hands, there will be huge risks for unwanted results. Your surgeon will talk about the whole process about the operation during your meeting to remove the fat from under the chin area .

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Double Chin Surgery

The method to be applied in double chin aesthetics is liposuction method. Fats are removed from the body through vacuum method at the rate determined by the doctor. Under chin area is entered with very thin cannulas. The process takes a short time. It can be performed under local or general anesthesia. You can be discharged after the procedure. In some patients, along with chin fats, sagging in the neck can be removed. In this context, liposuction plus stretching is applied. The time is extended and the procedure should be done with general anesthesia.

Recovery Time After Double Chin Surgery

After the fats removal process, a special bandage that covers from head to chin will be given. We recommend for our patients to wear this head brace for three days. You may have mild pain for the first two days. You will feel comfortable in this process with the help of painkillers recommended by the doctor. A person with double chin aesthetics can return to normal life within 10 days. The recovery period of edema and bruises after double chin aesthetics is between 3-5 days. The patient can return to work life in 3-4 days. There is very little chance of scarring after double chin aesthetics. These marks disappear completely over time. If stretching is not performed and only fat is removed from the under chin area with liposuction technique, the patient is not sutured. In this context, there is no such thing as a stitch mark.

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The Price of Double Chin Surgery

The price of aesthetics of double chin surgery varies depending on the experience of the doctor who will perform the procedure. It also affects the fee whether to do it with local or general anesthesia. Apart from this, the hospital where to removal of fats from under chin area will performed is one of the factors affecting the price.