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Broad, large and feminine male breast is known as gynecomastia in Turkey. In fact, not all men with breasts of this size actually have gynecomastia. These types of patients have so-called pseudogynecomastia. It is very easy to separate these two conditions.

What Is Pseudogynecomastia?

It is the fat deposition that occurs under, near and behind the nipples of men. Not only fat, but fat tissue formation is also frequently observed. It causes a very serious psychological discomfort for a man. Gynecomastia is regarded as a problem and nightmare for men due to the limitations of vital activities and difficulties in exposing body.

How to Treat Pseudogynecomastia

  • Surgical Methods
  • Non-Surgical Attempts

Both methods can give good results. Diet and weight loss will be the first things to do to eliminate the fat deposition around the breast. As you lose weight, weight loss around your breast and breast reduction will be observed.

Exercise is also another method to support the process. Exercise can tighten the body and breast area. Wearing a gynecomastia corset can also help tighten the breast area.

If these attempts do not respond, surgery can provide a permanent solution. Persistent fats deposited around the breast in pseudogynecomastia are easily removed by liposuction.

If skin sagging is high, a firm breast structure can be achieved by excision of excess skin. Areola (dark pigmented skin surrounding the nipple) may remain large after this procedure. In this case, by reducing the diameter with an intervention in the brown part, the contour is achieved and the asymmetry is eliminated.

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True Gynecomastia

In the male breast, there is a fatty tissue, i.e. mammary gland, which we call the glandular tissue. Exercise and diet will be of no use if the glandular tissue swells. Breast enlargement may occur even in underweight men.

It is a completely hormonal condition. Medications and illegal substances such as cannabis or liquor may trigger swelling of the glandular tissue. Or it can be caused by a genetically impaired congenital hormone balance.

How to Treat True Gynecomastia

Breast reduction surgery is performed to treat true gynecomastia. This is a surgical procedure. It is performed in a hospital and under general anesthesia. During surgery, breast tissue, that is glandular tissue, is excised. Swelling is eliminated by reducing the mammary gland. Aesthetic appearance is achieved by applying liposuction around the area. Similarly, in case of excess skin, this excess skin will be removed and the surgery will be completed.

The entry point of the surgery is the areola. Usually, the breast tissue is excised from this entry point. But the tissue can be easily excised from the small holes under the armpit about 5 cm below the nipple. The result is the same in every technique. The procedure takes place according to the doctor’s skills and practice.


A permanent result cannot be achieved in pseudogynecomastia. If you gain weight and thus, fat, fat deposition may be observed again in the breast area. You should take care. After true gynecomastia, the mammary gland does not swell again, but pseudogynecomastia may occur. We need to pay attention to what we consume.

Please note that no matter what you do, you will not have the pre-operative feminine breast again.

It is not possible for you to identify whether your condition is a true or pseudogynecomastia. It can only be determined during the examination. But the solution is the same in both: to have surgery. We wish you good luck.