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The growth in the male breast can be the result of a medical condition. In this case, the discomfort we refer to as gynecomastia may develop.

In this article, we will share some information about pathological gynecomastia.

Hereditary gynecomastia

Some men may suffer from problems related with the production or functioning of their hormones. For example, a man may not have a testicle or both testicles. Testosterone is produced in testicles. This may actually be a cause of hormone imbalances. In the final stage, gynecomastia, i.e. growth in the male breast, may develop.

If you suffer from such a condition and report it to your doctor, things will get easier during the examination. And sometimes Klinefelter syndrome may occur. This can also result in the growth of the male breast.

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Chronic diseases

Some men may have hereditary or inherent hormone imbalances. This syndrome may also cause the enlargement of breast.

Liver estrogen plays a role in the breakdown of the hormone. In case of any problem with the liver, swelling of the male breast may be observed. Liver cirrhosis and liver diseases may explicitly affect gynecomastia since they will produce extra female hormone.

Renal failure and altered filter function will affect the hormone balance. This imbalance can also be shown as the cause of growth in the male breast.

Nutritional imbalance and malnutrition can cause serious decreases in the level of testosterone. Malnutrition may also prevent liver from performing its functions properly. Classic eating habits after prolonged fasting may also temporarily cause the breast enlargement.

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Cancer-Related Gynecomastia

For some reason, various types of cancer and tumors can also adversely affect hormone balance in the body. Similarly, in this case, feminine growth of male breast can be observed. Pathological gynecomastia may be one of the causes and another example is some hormone drugs used in cancer treatment.

These drugs can also disrupt the hormonal balance in the body. Just like in females, the male breast may begin to swell and develop due to disrupted or decreasing testosterone. In this case, if drugs are to be taken continuously, surgery may be the only solution.

However, after temporary consumption of cancer drugs, the breast can then return to its former size. Even if you have to wait for a while, the breast can automatically shrink as the hormonal balance improves, i.e., the testosterone is balanced in the body. Having a little patience and waiting will always be beneficial.

Does gynecomastia develop into cancer?

This is a frequently asked question. The risk of developing breast cancer in men may be low. Glandular tissue growth in the male breast is a benign growth. So, basically, it is not rational to link them to each other. Gynecomastia is mostly performed due to aesthetics needs. It can also cause psychological problems in some men because any man does not want to have a feminine breast.