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The leg area is especially important for women. This region is one of the important lines that show the elegance of the woman, determine the hip posture, and show the woman aesthetics when it comes to clothing.

Today, the number of people who want to get rid of fat on the legs, such as to perform fat intake from the lubricated parts such as abdomen, belly, hips and arms, is considerably higher.

Thigh fat removal surgery turkey

There are many parts when it comes to removal of excess fats from legs. It includes thighs, inner leg, knee, lower leg and ankles.

Calf reduction surgery

Fats in the upper leg, in other words, fats in the calf region pose a problem both in terms of aesthetics and health. This is the case especially for women rather than men. Fat on the legs brings with it other problems. The first of these is that the inner legs rub against each other. Due to excessive lubrication of the legs, the inner legs become contiguous. However, diaper rash, redness and sweating are observed in parallel with friction during walking. The quality of life of the person may decrease due to the fat on the legs. On the other hand, clothes can be deformed quickly by the effect of friction. Melts occur in the crotch of the trousers worn by people with lubrication in the calf area. Bad appearance may occur from the outside due to sweating.

Leg Fat Removal Surgery


The removal of fat on the leg is done by liposuction technique. These fats are taken from the areas determined by the plastic surgeon before the operation by using thin cannulas. Fat content from the legs may vary from person to person. This is related to the fat rate of the person’s leg area. The process may take an average of two hours. Leg liposuction procedure may be appropriate under general anesthesia. It is required for the patient to stay in the hospital for a day. After the operation, the patient is dressed with varicose socks or an appropriate corset. It may take 1-2 months for a patient who removes fat from the leg to reach the desired level and reach the final state. 5 days is enough for the fat from the calf to return to the social life of the patients. After this period, he can return to work and daily activities.

It would be appropriate to answer the question of what is the price of removing fat from the leg with a few items. The experience of the doctor who will take the leg fat are among the factors that determine the price of removing the fat from the leg. Apart from this, the class of the hospital where leg liposuction will be performed is among the factors that determine the price of removing fat from the leg as well.

Fat Knees

Fat removal from the legs covers the whole leg and also can be done in the region. One of the parts of the legs that occur lubrication is the knee region.

Knee lubrication, which is among the situations we encounter, is generally a problem caused by the appearance of the upper knees more oily than the normal knee area. The rate of formation of fats in the knee region is too slow and the melting rate is too slow. Due to the fat on the knees, the leg may appear distorted and even crooked. Due to this disproportion, removal of fats fats in the knees may be required.

Liposuction is one of the methods to be used for the removal of fats in the knees. With this method, fats in the knee can be removed and this problem can be solved. It can be performed with local anesthesia in experienced hands. Thanks to the thin cannulas, there is no trace of the knee as a result of the fat removed. It is a 30-40 minute procedure.

The price of removing the oil from the knees comes depends on the doctor, hospital where surgery will be performed and type of anesthesia. Thigh fat removal surgery turkey

Fats on the Lower Leg

Especially, it is the region that women pay attention to aesthetically. It is easily noticeable from the outside. The high rate of fat in the lower legs can cause problems for women. It can take along many problems from clothing selection to walking difficulty. On the other hand, lubrication in the lower legs can also cause distorted leg appearance.

The removal of fats formed in the lower legs is carried out with liposuction. Satisfactory results can be obtained. As a result of the procedure, which takes 1-2 hours, you can get rid of the fat on the legs. Thigh fat removal surgery

Ankle Fat Removal

One of the most popular aesthetic operations today is removing fats from the ankles. Thanks to this operation, which is preferred especially by women between the ages of 24-45, they can have more smooth wrists. This operation, performed with liposuction, takes an average of 1 hour. It is important that the patient wears varicose stockings for 3-4 weeks after the procedure. The swelling and edema time in the ankle removal procedure is longer than other fat removal procedures. In this process, it is a situation that we want the patient to walk. It should not be confused with standing. After removing the fat from the ankle, patients can return to their normal life after 3-4 days. The rate of fat taken from the ankle can vary from person to person.


Written on 23/05/2020 – Last Update: 07/10/2021