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Hello teens, Do not get offended when I call you a teen because you are very lucky compared to men over 40 years old. We have been through the same period, our nipple has swollen. When you squeeze them, it will be painful or they are really large.

If you are looking for a solution to these problems and you are between the ages of 12 and 15, do not waste your time. There is nothing to do.

How will gynecomastia go away in adolescents - Zty Health Istanbul Turkey

Hormonal imbalance in adolescence

Hormone production does not stay the same during adolescence. Thus, the breast tends to swell, just like in women. The main underlying cause of these changes in the male breast is the hormonal imbalance.

The breast swells as the estrogen level increases in men. Breast tissue enlarges and you will go through the process that girls go through. No treatment is available since the breast is subject to changes due to this hormonal imbalance other than waiting patiently….

What if the breast stays that way?

Breast stiffness in male adolescents sometimes does not go away. In this case, a condition called gynecomastia occurs. Despite failing attempts to intervene, you cannot fix the problem without surgery. Some people call this condition ‘developmental disorder in the breast‘. You experience a high level of female hormone and your breast tends to act like a female breast and to enlarge.

Preventing breast enlargement in men

Numerous non-surgical methods are suggested to prevent this condition, but none will be beneficial. I know, it sounds depressing and you may be confused with my words but it is the simple truth.

Removing the fatty tissue in the region for prevention is the only permanent solution to the problem. Therefore, aesthetics plastic surgeons frequently perform this surgery.

What is budding in the breast?

The prominent nipple and pain from touch are also problems arising from these hormonal imbalances.

When should I undergo surgery?

If you are diagnosed with gynecomastia, there is no need to wait. You can have it any time. If you are under the age of 18, parent consent will be required.

Breast enlargement in infants

This problem is related to the estrogen that is passed from the mother. It is a temporary condition. It is observed in a large number of infants. Do not rush; it will go away in a few months. Testosterone is the male hormone. This hormone should be dominant in males compared to estrogen. If not, voice change (cracks), breast enlargement and many visible problems can be observed.