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We are writing this article for those who wonder whether they have gynecomastia or not. Yes, you have suspicions about having gynecomastia.

You want to clarify this. You can identify with very practical practices at home whether you have gynecomastia or not.

How to Identify Gynecomastia - Zty Plastic Surgery in Turkey

I suspect of gynecomastia.

If you have such a suspicion, the easiest way is to send us your pictures of the breast area from WhatsApp. We can determine your condition based on these photos. If you are not using WhatsApp, you can send us an e-mail. Thus, we will receive and evaluate them. If you would like to find out it on your own, please continue to read the article since we explain in detail below How to diagnose it.

How is gynecomastia diagnosed?

If you suspect of this condition and would like a precise result, an ultrasound scan will be necessary. Aesthetics and plastic surgeons will make the diagnosis. There is no need for a radiology examination to diagnose the condition. The condition may be true or pseudogynecomastia. It will be identified and resolved with surgery. Am I likely to have gynecomastia?

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Self Gynecomastia Exam at Home

The first place to check is your breast. If your breast is large like a woman’s breast, you need to have gynecomastia surgery. However, some men wonder the cause and ask themselves “Am I obese or have the condition?”. We will try to investigate this.

Go to a mirror now. Squeeze your right hand as if your body is squeezed and make sure that the muscle and the breast area are hardened. It will be easier then. With your idle hand, lightly touch the nipple that you have squeezed. If you feel some sort of sagging skin, this will mean you suffer from gynecomastia. In a nutshell,

  • Squeeze  your body (right side)
  • Lightly touch your breast with your left hand.
  • How much sagging skin do you feel?
  • The more you feel it, the higher suspicion of gynecomastia is.

If the sagging is limited, do not be afraid. Everyone has that much. Of course, for the best and most accurate result, please undergo a medical examination.

Gynecomastia examination

A gynecomastia surgeon who performs gynecomastia surgery often will tell you at once whether you have gynecomastia or not. The second phase is self-exam. When he touches your breast, he will immediately realize any swelling in the mammary gland. A treatment plan can be determined accordingly. In fact, this is the most guaranteed method. During your examination, the degree and type of your gynecomastia can be determined. Based on this, it will be determined whether fat removal and/or excision of mammary gland will be performed.

Remote gynecomastia examination

This method is applied to patients traveling from another city (other than Istanbul) or abroad. We would like to have a few photos of the breast area taken from several angles, since it is not possible to examine them in advance. We receive these photos via e-mail or WhatsApp. After these photos were carefully reviewed by our doctors, the type, degree and cost of gynecomastia will be notified to the patient. This application is for patients who do not have the opportunity or means to travel to Istanbul.

Identifying advanced gynecomastia

This is a special condition. Some tests may be requested to make the diagnosis in patients who take medications or have a hereditary condition. An ultrasound scan or MRI may also be requested. These steps are for determining whether the problem arises from medications or is related to gyaecomastia.

Gynecomastia surgery

If you have a gynecomastia condition, we recommend you to visit our page for detailed information about how the surgery is performed and under which circumstances the gynecomastia surgery will be performed. You can get detailed information from this page.

How many types does gynecomastia have?

Basically, there are three types of gynecomastia. They may also be referred to as three degrees. First-degree gynecomastia covers patients who only have fat deposition and their breasts can be reshaped by liposuction. Second-degree gynecomastia covers the patient group whose fats, fatty tissue and mammary glands (if necessary) are excised. Third-degree gynecomastia covers patients who have feminine breasts and undergo breast reduction surgery. By choosing your type from the above-mentioned methods, you can determine the type of your gynecomastia.

  1. Degree Gynecomastia
  2. Degree Gynecomastia
  3. Degree Gynecomastia

We want you to know that the cost of surgery will increase depending on the size of your breast. The higher costs result from the requirement to do a more extensive work. As some cases will need mammary gland excision procedure, i.e. a surgical procedure will be performed, the cost will be higher.

How to Diagnose Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia will always be diagnosed by aesthetics and plastic surgery specialists. Aesthetics surgeons can perform the surgery in the best possible manner because it is their branch. They are trained and experienced in this surgery.

Gynecomastia or fat?

Men in adolescence struggle with this question because they really want to know whether they suffer from fat deposition or gynecomastia? We are in favor of answering this question within the methods we have discussed earlier. In case of fat deposition, we recommend you to wait for a while if you are also in adolescence. In addition, fats in the breast area may be burnt. Therefore, do not rush to have a surgery. However, you should not delay surgery if you have gynecomastia rather than fat deposition because swimming in the sea or pool will become an issue. It makes more sense to go through your teenage years without experiencing such problems.

Does gynecomastia kill?

Do not worry; a man with gynecomastia will not die. Gynecomastia causes psychological and aesthetics problems. Psychological problems begin when the patient is made fun of at an early age. Aesthetic problem involves being nervous when the patient would like to swim in the pool or sea or to wear a shirt and t-shirt.

We know that the state does not cover medical expenses of this surgery. Yes, this plastic surgery will be charged. Our advice to you is to get rid of this condition as long as you can afford the surgery because if you are really diagnosed with gynecomastia, exercise and diet will not be beneficial for you.