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Gynecomastia is a health problem experienced with the excessive secretion of estrogen in the male breast. It is also called male breast enlargement. Since large breasts are a woman-specific condition, if a man suffers from breast enlargement, this will create not only a physical discomfort, but also a psychological discomfort.

A man with a breast enlargement problem is psychologically affected to a considerable extent. He tries to camouflage his breasts with the choice of his clothes, and becomes unable to move comfortably at the beach.

Childhood gynecomastia disorder

If the problem has been persistent since the age of 12 and has not disappeared within 2-3 years from its onset, it means the problem is gynecomastia. If the boy is overweight since the age of 11, it may be fat deposition. But if the weight is normal, but the breast resembles a woman’s breast and is large, be careful since this is highly likely to be gynecomastia. It is impossible to get rid of this problem without surgery. However, if this does not constitute a problem for you since you got used to it, then it is OK. It will not affect your health condition. It will not cause any disease. It is entirely psychological.

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Does Gynecomastia Vest Work?

Many solutions are produced for this male disorder. Most of these methods do not take us to a permanent solution. Men wear gynecomastia vest under their clothes because they are uncomfortable with their image. This vest fails to provide any solution; the only difference from other vests is that it is thicker.

Does gynecomastia vest provide treatment?

Gynecomastia vest does not have therapeutic properties. It does not eliminate fat deposition in the breast. Or it does not regulate gynecomastia caused by the swelling of mammary gland. It is used only for aesthetics purposes. It acts as a flattener in men who cannot or do not want to have surgery. This is not a method of treatment.

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What Is A Gynecomastia Corset?

Following the gynecomastia surgery, it will be put on the patient when he is unconscious by the doctor before leaving the OR. Meanwhile, let’s answer this question for those who are wondering which department is responsible for  gynecomastia; aesthetics and plastic surgeons will perform the surgery.

The duration for which the patient will wear the corset is proportional to the recovery process. It has to be worn for at least two weeks and for a maximum of one month. The purpose of using this corset is to fit the breast tissue more firmly to its new location. Patients who wore the corset stated that they did not experience any problems. In the summer, it may cause some discomfort due to the hot weather, but no negative feedback has been received in general. Patients who had surgery also shared their experiences on gynecomastia Ekşi dictionary platform.

Will I Have Pain After Gynecomastia Surgery?

After this surgery, the patient will not feel pain since he will be under general anesthesia. In case of any pain, the doctor will give pain relievers to stop the pain.

When Can I Return to Work After Gynecomastia Surgery?

It would be wrong to give an exact date; the recovery process of each patient may vary. The patient can go back to work after 3-4 days as the patient will not have difficulty in a desk job.