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Fats formed in the belly abdomen have always been a problem for both men and women. Exercises, high fees given to gyms, many diet methods and ultimately efforts to achieve the goal. This is the process that should be in life. Regular sports, regular nutrition, regular sleep and a stress-free business life. Despite all the efforts made, it inevitably leads you to other solutions. Here’s what we call liposuction comes into play here.

For this reason, there are many people who apply for fat removal in cases where exercise and diet are not sufficient.

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Abdominal fat

The liposuction method is used for the lubrication problem in the belly area. With this method used to remove the fats formed in the navel region, the navel area can be brought to the desired form. For this, it is useful to proceed step by step. The first step is an aesthetic surgeon examination.

Aesthetic Surgeon Examination

With the plastic surgeon examination that we see as the first step, your expectations are listened. The abdominal area is examined to maku sure if you are a suitable for the surgery. It is determined how much fat will be removed in line with your height and weight. It is necessary to pay attention to the correct surgeon. The most important issue in my definition of correct surgeon is the statement of the surgeon who tells the patients what should not be a dream. It is vital to set out with experienced plastic surgeons.

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Many people who want to get rid of abdominal fats reach us. Especially those who want opinions from the European countries on this issue, send their questions to us.The first thing we say is that Turkey is one of the leading countries in plastic surgery with qualified and experienced doctors as well as well-equipped hospitals. They also contact us to get an idea related to prices and the type of surgeries. In parallel, we also say that they can prefer a separate doctor for another aesthetic procedure for liposuction procedure. The emphasis here is that in aesthetic surgeons we want to express, the procedure is specialized in the process, gained experience in that field and can be more successful in that aesthetic operation. In this context, those who want to remove the fat in the abdomen area can recommend starting with a specialist aesthetic surgeon in this field.

How to Surgically Remove Belly Fat

Fats in the belly abdomen are taken by liposuction method. Before the liposuction procedure, the abdominal area drawings are completed. The plastic surgeon draws the belly area where the fat will be removed and determines how much fat will be taken from. Subsequently, fats are drawn by entering the navel region with thin cannulas. Meanwhile, the patient is anesthetized. The patient does not feel pain or pain during this procedure performed under general anesthesia. The amount of fat to be taken may vary depending on the fat rate of the person’s belly area. The process of removing the fat in the belly area can vary from about one to two hours.

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While fat is taken in the abdominal region, it is divided into two as anterior region and side bagels. Some patients only take the front belly fat, while some patients take the front belly plus side bagel fat. The question of how much fat is taken from the navel area may vary. After the operation, he is taken to the patient’s room. The patient is dressed in a special corset before being taken to the patient’s room. This corset should be worn as many days as the doctor will recommend. There is no trace in the abdominal area. You may experience mild pain after the procedure. These pains are relieved by the painkillers recommended by the plastic surgeon. It is normal to see edema and partial swelling in the navel area during this period. It can take up to 2 months for the body to become normal by overcoming all these processes.

What Is The Price Of Removing Fat From Belly ?

Different methods and devices can be used while removing belly fat. Vazer Liposuction or lipomatic are among these devices. These methods can vary according to the doctor’s preference. In this context, there may be a change in the belly fat removal price. Apart from this, in which hospital to remove belly fat, belly fat removal price is among the determining factors. The most important factor that determines the price of removing fat from the abdomen is the doctor. The experience of the plastic surgeon is the main reason that determines the price of the fats removal and the knowledge of the subject.