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Plastic Surgery Turkey

The secret to our success is always hidden in our efforts to be a dedicated, disciplined and professional team. Plastic Surgery Turkey

As a result, our team is able to understand you and your desires very well and ensure customer satisfaction with the help of accurate planning, accurate timing and accurate operation.

Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures

Zty Health Tourism welcomes patients from both Turkey and foreign countries in the best way and we provide them with services according to their needs.

We provide most popular cosmetic surgeries and non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as liposuction, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), hair Transplant Turkey, almond eye operation, dental aesthetics, body aesthetics, facial aesthetics, gynecomastia, vaginal rejuvenation, and penoplasty operations performed by our professional experts.

We are pleased to be with you from the beginning to the end of your operations and to see you as a part of our family. Plastic Surgery Turkey

Breast Aesthetics
BBL Turkey
Liposuction Turkey
Hair Transplantation
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Experienced physicians, high quality of service, modern treatment methods are the main reasons.

Prices are lower than European and American countries. Opportunity to visit Istanbul. Personnel in health tourism speak English.

  • 5 star hotel quality
  • VIP Airport pickup
  • Free city transfers
  • Hospital quality

Visas are not required for our guests from America and European countries.

For other countries, please contact us.

Payment is made in the hospital before the operation. Only cash payment is accepted. You can pay in US dollars, euros or TL.

There is no obligation to be vaccinated. But you need to have a PCR test. You should have it done at least 3 days before the surgery.

If this period has been exceeded, PCR test will be performed in Turkey and this fee will be covered by you.

A nurse is sent to the hotel for PCR testing. Or you can have it done at any hospital.

Click here for information about Turkey Covid-19.

First, let me know which surgery you are interested in. If it’s okay to have surgery, send us your flight ticket. Also your passport for airport transfer.

We will send you the hotel reservation information. You will know how many days you will stay in which hotel. You will know in which hospital you will be operated.

For one week. ( Unless there are exceptional circumstances )

Yeah. A member of the team will meet you at the airport. He will accompany the vehicle. The vehicle will take you to your hotel.

Of course. Doctor, hospital staff and hotel welcome speak English. In addition, a translator with a good command of English will be with you during the hospitalization process.

Before coming to Turkey, you can make a phone call with your doctor. You can even make video calls via WhatsApp, Zoom or Skype.

The length of stay in Turkey depends on the surgery to be performed. I will give some popular examples below;

BBL surgery – 4-6 days
Penoplasty – 3-4 days
Hair transplant 4 days
Tummy Tuck 6-7 days
Liposuction 3-4 days
Otoplasty 4-5 days
Gynecomastia 3-4 days

The examples given are for processes under normal conditions. Depending on the patient, the process may take longer.

Doctors are at the “Associate Professor” level. They have at least 15 years of experience. They do their surgeries all the time. Therefore, their practicality is high.

ZTY Health Patient Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Roxy Roxana
Roxy Roxana
I am very satisfied with the services they gave me, from the airport, to the hotel and then to the hospital, I was treated very nicely and with respect, and the doctor was very professional and the nurses were very respectful! and I recommend it with confidence,thank you very much.🙏
Prem Limbu
Prem Limbu
I had a really good experience with Zty health. Whole thing was co-ordinated so well. Good communication throughout, very helpful staffs, nice and clean hospital and 4 star hotel stay. Thank you very much Zty health team for such a wonderful experience. Definitely recommended for anyone who is wishing to use their service.
patric monteiro
patric monteiro
Great service. Pick up from the airport to the hotel was excellent. Very good hotel, well located. Friendly staff at the hospital that makes the whole experience much better when you are alone in a different country. Assistance available 24/07. No hidden fees. Highly recommend it !
Mohamed Majed
Mohamed Majed
Excellent service!
Patrik Petrovski
Patrik Petrovski
The Doctor and his Team are very friendly and take good care of you.We had no issues during planing the operation or in the operation itself.You are always explained the next steps and if you have any questions after, the doctor and his team are happy answer or explain again.Even you go alone to do this surgery like I did, they will take care of you from the moment you arrive at the clinic till you are back home safe. If in the future I would need a second session I will surely consider coming back. Good luck for the future Doctor.
Niels Lund
Niels Lund
I came all the way from Denmark 🇩🇰, and was quit skeptical before I came, but it all was laid to rest: luxury drive from the airport to the hotel; luxury ride from the hotel to the hospital. The staff and the hospital were very professional and I was calm before surgery knowing I was in great hands. All in all a 5 out of 5 stars experience for me 😘
hb aknell
hb aknell
Excellent service respectful and professional individuals. I you are looking for anywhere do carry out or do any surgical or medical procedures this is the place to be straight from the heart